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  • Sat 17th Nov 2018 - 10:24am
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    <header class="entry-header"> – Install & Activate McAfee Retail Card Online

    </header> – McAfee offers world-class security solutions to ensure safe browsing and advanced protection of your software, applications, data and email. With a McAfee product installed on your device, you can be sure of the complete protection against all kinds of online frauds, scams and viruses lurking in the digital market. One can choose a McAfee subscription according to the need of their home or business PC. After purchasing, you have to follow three more processes to let McAfee protect your device.
    Step by step mcafee activation
    1- First of all go the mcafee activation page , which is
    2- Put the product key in the box on mcafee activation page and click submit.
    3- Seems like you are on mcafee sign in page. Seems like you are on mcafee sign in page.Now here if you have mcafee account login with that otherwise create a new mcafee account.
    Remember – Mcafee Account Can Help you with McAfee activation, installation, setup, billing and Manage Your Services.
    4- If you do not have a mcafee account ,Now Click On Register Now And Fill All Required Information Like Name, Email Address And Also Create a Password As You Please. 
    5- Please Take your Mouse Again to My Account >subscription And Download the McAfee Antivirus Product You have just bought And Activated.
    6- Now download your program listed in your subscription and do not forget to run the program.
    Finally you are done with the mcafee installation.

    Instructions to Download McAfee(Install mcafee retail card activation)

    Choose the right McAfee product for your device before starting the download process. And also make sure that your system meet the specifications required for that particular McAfee subscription then go ahead; otherwise the installation process will show errors and issues. So better to avoid that by taking the precautionary measures beforehand. Also make sure that no other security application is installed on your device, if so, uninstall that otherwise it will conflict.
    Do the following for downloading McAfee:
    1. Visit
    2. Head to My Account tab ad click sign in or log in.
    3. Provide the details like registered email Id and password and click log in button.
    4. If you are installing your first McAfee product, then click sign up.
    5. Now click “Download” button to download McAfee product.
    6. Read and accept to the license agreement to proceed with the installation process.

    About mcafee product key

    Mcafee product key is a 25 alphanumeric string which is mentioned on your mcafee retail card.
    What is Install mcafee retail card activation?
    Mcafee retail card is the most popular way to activate mcafee now a days. It is card which you get from the retail store in which you will find your mcafee activation product key. Also the website for activation is mentioned on it. See back of the mcafee retail card .

    Steps for Install mcafee retail card activation

    If you have purchased an offline McAfee subscription, then you must be having a McAfee retail card

    1. For activation, visit the link mentioned on the McAfee retail card.
    2. Select the country and the language of your preference.
    3. Provide the registration number mentioned on the card and then your email ID.
    4. Click Submit and then verify.
    5. And it’s done, your McAfee subscription is activated.

    How to activate McAfee with your 25 digit activation code ?

    To get started with your McAfee Activate and installation online you need a compatible system and a valid McAfee product key to proceed, first you need to get on the web address that is given on your retail card and then enter the product key correctly after that it will ask you to login in to your McAfee account and if you don’t have the McAfee account yet then create a new one and make sure that you are using the valid and working email address with your account because all the email related with your subscription can be send on that given Email address. Once you have successfully logged in to your McAfee Account then you will see the download button or you can go manually to the subscription section of your account to download the correct product.
    Step by Step McAfee Activation and Installation Online
    Follow the steps below if you are new McAfee customer
    1. If you have McAfee Retail Card with valid 25 digit product key code or PIN then first visit activation link .
    2. Enter your McAfee Activate code correctly along with your valid Email address.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions and proceed with McAfee account creation.
    4. If you have successfully created an account then log in and start your recently activated McAfee download and installation online.

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